Hi there. I figured out a way to give you a bunch of easily accessible information. I’m just adding this page to my website, but you’re the only ones who can see it. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly how Chihuly Nights work at the Biltmore Estate. This website has the details: With a regular day pass, you can be in the house until 5pm and the gardens until 8pm. That page also has info on hours for dining on the estate.

I’ve been looking at the Trolley Tours and the good news is that the Grove Park Inn is included on the tour. You can also split it up into two days - the second day is free. Here’s their website:

Here’s the link to make reservations for a comedy tour: You can book anytime you want except Wednesday evening.

The Al Fresco Wine Dinner at BimBeriBon is Wednesday at 6:30 pm.